Don’t know where to start? Need help getting organized and on the right path to knowing your numbers? Want to walk through Quickbooks together? In this session we talk about all things numbers - Quickbooks, pricing, tax deductions, best practices, sales tax, how to make and read financial documents, overhead or whatever your pain point is.

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Ready to have someone fully take over your bookkeeping? 

We specialize in working with creatives, thinkers, makers, designers, photographers and other creative businesses. We take all the bookkeeping off your plate, and we'll keep you in the loop about your monthly finances with custom reports in your inbox. 

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Do you want to turn financial chaos into creative confidence? This course will help you become BFFs with your bookkeeping. You will learn how to use Quickbooks Online from someone who has been in your shoes. (Cute shoes by the way)


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I started Wait. What? to help my fellow creatives with financials.  it's time to stop being scared of numbers

I've been in your shoes. I went to school for art and when I started my first business I felt overwhelmed and underprepared. I spent the next eight years learning the ins and outs of the financial sector and proved that you can be both: creative and financially savvy. My goal is that by working together you will have the peace of mind that comes from well kept books and the confidence to finally read that balance sheet. 

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