I’m not a CPA and why that’s good for you


I went to school to learn about art. After college, I fell hard into co-owning a company that kinda blew up (in the good way). The restless nights, the small victories, and the weight that comes with owning a business- I’ve lived it too. We were a team of creatives that had to figure out all the business “things” as the business grew. I learned Quickbooks in the evenings while shipping retail packages during the day.  I learned words like “accounts receivable” and “balance sheet.” The company went on to sell to Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath and Beyond and I learned that my love of numbers was here to stay.

Think of Wait. What? like the the translator between you and your CPA

Over the last few years, I’ve worked with a team of magical accounts and CPA’s that have deepened my knowledge of finance and taught me how small business works, but my background in owning a creative business allowed me to see the other side of things in a different light. I found that while my CPA friends understood financial investment and tax law they didn’t always understand the weight of emotional investment. And that my friends is why I created Wait. What?  Now you can make the things you love and I’ll deal with the “things” you didn’t even know existed.  

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I’m not a CPA and why that’s good for you

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