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Let’s talk about talking about money

We’ve been lucky enough to work with some incredibly talented and successful artists who have seen the ups and downs of running a creative business. But let’s face it: talking about money can be a little uncomfy sometimes! We are here to change that by inviting you to join the conversation in this segment, we’re calling “Making Makers Talk About Money” or MMTAM for short.

Meet Meagan Forbes

Meagan Forbes Photo has been around for about 5 years! She is a documentary wedding and lifestyle photographer. We think she is so cool, talented, and stylish. She’s also known for her Instagram thrift finds!

We met Meagan Forbes in 2016 while doing the “There’s Something to Do” Market in Wilmington! We found this photo she took of Alisha back in 2016! Now, we are so lucky to have her as a client.

Let’s get down to business with Meagan Forbes Photo!

What money advice would you give yourself when you were just starting out?

Separate your personal and business money! It is so much easier for bookkeeping, and will help you save accordingly for tax season.

How has your idea of pricing changed over the years?

When I first started, I wanted everyone to book with me – so my prices were low, and I wasn’t really profiting from the work that I was doing. I thought that raising my prices would mean that less people would book me, but in reality higher prices has allowed me to take on jobs that are more aligned with my ideal vision for my brand, and more time for quality connection with my clients, all while still having consistent bookings.

What is the best financial investment you’ve made in your business?

Wait. What? Consulting and a good CPA! I am honestly not good at bookkeeping or taxes, so this takes a huge load off of me. I was honestly scared of making this investment, as I am a huge DIY person, but there are just some things that you’ve got to hand off!

Have you ever spent money on something you regret? Vice versa, have you ever regretted not spending money on something?

I really try to be calculated with my business spending, so I can’t think of anything! I am frugal, and Alisha knows – I didn’t even pay myself for probably too long lol

What did you used to think was a lot of money? What do you think a lot of money is now?

omg, I would book a 10 hour wedding for like $1k and I thought I was rolling in cash haha! Now my 8 hour weddings (which most people book) surpass $5k, and I think there is still room to raise my prices there too!

What is your money mantra?

My best investment is myself

What is your business theme song? 

Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root

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Making Makers Talk About Money – Meagan Forbes Photo

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