Let’s talk about talking about money We’ve been lucky enough to work with some incredibly talented and successful artists who have seen the ups and downs of running a creative business. But let’s face it: talking about money can be a little uncomfy sometimes! We are here to change that by inviting you to join […]

Making Makers Talk About Money – Drewe and Kate Branding Co.

Why we love Quickbooks

5 Reasons You NEED Quickbooks It might seem like this is a sponsored Quickbooks fan account, but really we just believe so much in the product! We talk about it a lot, so we figured we’d condense all of the reasons why we think you need it HERE!   GET SIMPLE START!   1. Your spreadsheets […]

Why we LOVE QuickBooks

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BOOKKEEPER / ˈbu̇k-ˌkē-pər / noun :  “a person whose job is to keep records of the financial affairs of a business” As you know when running your own business you have to wear many hats and (at least in the beginning of your business) bookkeeping should be one of those hats.  HERE’S WHY YOU SHOULD CARE 1. The […]

What is bookkeeping and why you need it.